Our Team


  • Guitarist, photographer and videographer... Also played baseball for 14 years.
  • Emphatically believes that Heath Ledger's "Joker" is the best superhero villain of all time!
  • Islay Scotch connoisseur.


  • Has been a professional photographer for 14 years, specializing in retail product photography.
  • Lover of craft beer and IPA's!
  • Self proclaimed foodie!


  • Army Veteran.
  • Root Beer connoisseur.
  • Lover of all things fluffy.


  • Passionate about the environment and loves immersing herself in nature!
  • Never gets tired of eating fruit - especially chocolate dipped ones!
  • Deathly afraid of cheese graters.


  • Has never broken any bones!
  • Huge sports fanatic! Loves playing, watching, researching, or nerding out about any sport!
  • Can't whistle.


  • Graduated with a degree in horticulture.
  • Grew up in North Carolina.
  • Has two doggos named Ivy and Ellee.


  • Once traveled by camper van 4,315 miles in 17 days.
  • As a child she wanted to be a garbageman, guitar-playing, ballerina, crossing guard... But settled on being a photographer.
  • Guilty pleasure is watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette!


  • Is a professional stuntwoman
  • Huge Disney fanatic (been to Disney World over 50 times)
  • Went to the national spelling bee in 7th grade