Q: What is Honey Badger Boost?

A: We are a Pittsburgh based creative team specializing in product photography, video, search engine optimization and product research tailored to the needs of Amazon FBA. We also offer creative packages for non-Amazon related businesses looking to rebrand their company and/or showcase a product or service they offer (such as Jane, Etsy, eBay listings etc).

Q: How quickly should I expect responses from the email support team?
A: We put great emphasis on customer support and giving prompt responses to all of our clients. We guarantee responses take no more than 24-36 hours, Mon-Fri, and we aim to be even faster than that. Do understand that emails we receive over the weekend won’t always be responded to until the following business day (Usually a Monday).
Q: What are HBB’s hours?
A: We work around the clock Monday through Friday of each week. However, major holidays will sometimes delay the turnaround time for product photography and/or video.
Q: I think I know what service I want for my product... What's next?
A: Once you've purchased a package, we will contact you (via the email you bought the package with) including all the information and instructions you'll need to move forward!
Q: Why didn’t I get an email immediately after buying my photo package?
A: We don’t have an automated system that sends out email notifications. You’ll receive a “Let’s Get Started” email from a member of our team within 24 business hours of the package being purchased. Don’t panic!
Q: Can I tailor package contents to better suit the specific needs of my product?
A: Yes! Our photography and video packages can be modified! We work hard to be very accommodating and flexible for our clients. You can contact our email support team and we'll be happy to discuss a custom creative package!

Q: I'm a Nine U student and I'd like to redeem my free Silver all-in-one package. Can I use it for multiple products?
A: No. You only get one free silver all-in-one package if you're a VIP or Elite member.  Elite+ members can redeem three silver All-in-Ones. After that, you'll have to purchase more packages for any additional products you'd like to optimize with our services.
Q: How much control do I have over the shot-list HBB uses for my product?
A: By hiring us for your product photography (or video), you understand that we are the creative authority when it comes to the material being provided. The best way for us to provide you awesome results is for you to fill out the suggested shot list provided when the order is made. The more you share, the better! That will give you a voice when it comes to features you'd like highlighted, as well as example shots you think would look cool... But do note that all shots will ultimately be at the discretion of the team. 
Q:  Will I get my product back when HBB is done with it?
A:   Upon request, we do return the products back to you, though you as the client would be responsible for providing us with the return label to do so. After receiving your video/photography/listing materials, we discard of products after one week unless we hear otherwise!